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European & American Art
Fauvism / School of Paris gallery

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Hannes MEYER

Switzerland 1889 – 1954

Studies W-2, Bauhaus 1926 photographs, gelatin silver photograph
Technique: gelatin silver photograph
Primary Insc: CKM 198
image 10.8 h x 8.2 w cm
Purchased 1984
Accession No: NGA 84.2952


  • Hannes Meyer was born in Switzerland into a family of architects. In 1927–28, he was director of architectural tuition at the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. In 1928 Meyer succeeded Walter Gropius as director of the school, holding that position until 1930 when he ran foul of the authorities for his openly Communist views and was forced to resign.

    The Bauhaus was interested in creating a synthesis of modern aesthetics across all the arts and here Meyer is undertaking a project as part of the photography curriculum. Although often referred to as a workshop, photography was a course taught by Walter Peterhans and part of the Typography/Advertising/Exhibition Design workshop. Other photographers who taught or trained at the Bauhaus included László Moholy-Nagy, Lucia Moholy, Umbo and Herbert Bayer.

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