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Adjirab people East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
[Mask made from animal cranium with bunches of feathers for the hair] 20th century East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
costumes, masks, frontal section of pig skull, fibre, feather
18.0 h x 9.0 w x 3.0 d cm
Max Ernst Collection, purchased 1985
Accession No: NGA 85.1871


  • One of only a small body of masks made of the frontal section of a Pig skull. Their function is unknown also it is too small to be worn as a mask and may have been attached to a larger costume, object or even held during dances. This work may have been one of a group of fifteen similar masks collected between1959-1960 from which another was owned by the artist Pierre Loeb.

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