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Rosslynd PIGGOTT, Typhoon REDUCE 1/1

Rosslynd PIGGOTT

Frankston, Victoria, Australia born 1958

  • Movements: Italy 1988

Typhoon 1997 watercolour
image 65.8 h x 51.5 w cm
Purchased 2000
Accession No: NGA 2000.130

  • Watercolour is not the usual working medium for Rosslynd Piggott. Her practice shifts appears to shift seamlessly from oil painting to blown and engraved glass to watercolour on paper. Her exquisitely executed watercolour Typhoon  is a work of fragile beauty, painted while she was artist-in-residence in Kitamoto, Japan. Piggott had turned to watercolour when the problems of stretching canvas became overwhelming. Typhoon is one of four works that explore the nuances of substance and space. There are also poetic references to the elegant traceries of Japanese kimono patterns. This is a minimal abstract piece of green wash fading into a subtle pink. The contemplative nature and delicate decorative markings over a diminutive twisted tree clearly reflect the influences of Piggott’s Japanese environment.

    Text © National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 2010